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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
Using the subjunctive or the infinitive with quizá(s) or si pretty much depends on your perception. If you perceive probability, use the indicative. If it doesn't seem probable, the subjunctive is used.
There are many rules which are not covered by this simplistic view, but I believe it answers your questions.
You can use puede (ser) que viene or puede (ser) que venga. Which mood you choose to use is based on your perception of probability. You don't have to switch to quizá(s) or si. But, if you do, don't leave the word que in the sentence:
Si viene ...
Si venga ...
Quizá viene ...
Quizá venga ...
Ah Rusty you're what we would call a 'reddende engel' in Dutch.

I'll be using this 'rule of thumb' (of course I will make mistakes on the finer points but until I will have a better command of Spanish I am sure it will do.. hopefully.. )

If I make a mistake I can always claim it was just my perception of the matter being different..

Thanx a lot!
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