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If we're going shopping, and we go right to the item we're after and are able to get right out without waiting in line, we say:
I was in and out (in a flash).

'I got right in' can be used in many contexts, especially if there's no waiting in line.
At the supermarket: I got right in and out.
At the soccer match: We got right in, and had plenty of time to visit and buy concessions before the game started.

'First try', or 'first attempt (more formal)', would be used in the case of the slot machine. 'I won the jackpot on my first try.' You could also say 'I won the jackpot first thing.'
'First thing' usually implies 'without a wait, or directly'. We got there first thing (in the morning). (We were first to arrive. We went nowhere else first.)

If you were to move to a foreign country and immediately land a job, that would be considered a piece of good fortune/luck, and you could describe it as a windfall.
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