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Originally Posted by LaGata View Post
Here is an article I came across regarding the sneaked/snuck topic.

BTW, the poll results are a little
Very interesting article Gata.

I recommend reading the entire article. Here are a few quotes I especially liked.

"He grubbed ten dollars from de bums an den snuck home." This and other examples suggest that snuck was limited to the speech of uneducated, rural Americans.
Since the 1950s, snuck has been found with increasingly frequency in neutral contexts--used as a standard past form in written sources without any suggestion of humorous intent. In present-day English, snuck is extremely widespread throughout the country, even among educated speakers, and in the speech of younger people it is the dominant form.
Snuck is fully standard in American English.
In British English sneaked remains the usual past form, with snuck appearing only in humorous or nonstandard use.
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