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Profile Comments

I having some difficulty understanding the Profile Comments. This is probably due to the fact that I'm used to using online chat lines where you can see line after line of contiguous conversation between the people who are chatting with each other.

It looks like I have to go to your profile page in order to leave a comment for you. When you respond to the comment, I get a notification. If I click on the notification (and choose to look at Profile Comment response) I'm taken to my profile page and I can see your response. I can't be sure of the sequence past that point, but I've noticed that not all of my previous comments are shown. I can find more of the comments I've made by clicking around and visiting your profile, but they are not all grouped together. You have some of my comments in your profile; I have some of yours in mine.

For example:
Right now, if I go to my profile, I see 7 comments. That isn't the total number of comments I've made or seen. Some comments are missing. When I click the 'View Public Conversation' link, I see 10 comments, but I still don't see all of the comments I personally remember making/receiving. After clicking the aforementioned link, the title at the top of the page is 'Public Profile Conversation Between Tomisimo and Rusty.' If you can get to it, have a look at my question posted 4-22-2008 11:20 PM. You answered this question at 11:32, but I can't see the response. I have to go to your profile to see the response. Is this by design?
Another missing comment in the 'conversation between you and me' list is the response I gave to your question posted 4-24-2008 12:32 AM. This 'missing' response (made at 1:07 AM) shows up on my profile page instead (it is one of the 7 comments I mentioned in the first statement of this paragraph). I can't find this response anywhere on your profile. It doesn't show up on your profile page (nor does your 12:32 AM comment), nor do I see it when I click the 'View Public Conversation' link. My response only appears on my profile.

The same kind of thing is happening on your profile page. Have a look at the very first comment I made (4-22-2008 10:02 PM). You responded at 10:28, but you can't see your response on the profile page. You have to click the 'View Public Conversation' link before you can see it. While you're there, note that I sent you a message at 11:20. You responded to that question, but it doesn't show up on the page you're viewing. Go back to your profile page. You'll see the 11:20 question AND your 11:32 response to that question. Why can you see my 10:28 question, but not my response, and my 11:20 question AND my response. Is this incongruency by design?

Have a look at Alfonso's response on your profile page. The only way to see what question you asked him is to click the 'View Public Conversation' link. This is probably by design, because you have to go to Alfonso's profile to ask the question in the first place. In the same vein, you left me a comment about my customized profile design. You can't see this comment on your profile page. When I respond to it, you'll see only my response. In order to see the question you asked, you have to click the 'View Public Conversation' link. This all seems to be by design, but the incongruencies listed above have me wondering.

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