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Yes Rusty, I have to agree the system wasn't as well-thought out as it could have been.

Profile Comments
Here's how I understand it. Profile Comments are not threads. They are simply a linear list of comments people can leave on each user's profile. You could think of it as a guestbook, where visitors come, and they sign their name. Some of the confusion arose because for example, you asked a question on my profile, but I went to your profile and left a comment answering it.

Let's see how the notifications work. For example, I go to your profile page and ask you a question: Hi Rusty, what inspired you to choose your user name? Now, since that's a comment on your profile, you get a notification of that. Now answer me, right there on your profile, and it gets added to your profile comments (your guestbook). Now, your answer will not show up on my profile, only on yours. Also, I will not get a notification of it, since it's not on my profile.

When you visit someone else's profile page, there is the link 'View public profile conversation with Fulano'. When you click this link, what it does is show you, in chronological order, all the profile comments you left on their page, and all the comments they left on your page, if that makes any sense. A comment that you left on your own page, even if it was in answer to one of their comments, won't show up in the conversation, since it was not directed at any specific user, since you posted it on your own profile page.

I hope that makes a little bit of sense.
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