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"Ver por" algo

Is "ver por" an expression? I heard a sentence something like this: "Tenemos que ver por su ropa." Can "ver por" mean something like "look after" or "see to" or something like that?
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When the expression is "ver por alguien", it means to take care of someone.
"Ver por su ropa" is to provide someone I'm taking care of with (appropriate) clothing.

Desde que mi hermano murió, yo veo por mis sobrinos.
Since my brother died I have been taking care of my nephews.

¿Quién va a ver por mí cuando esté viejo y enfermo?
Who will take care of me when I'm old and sick?

I think I've also heard things like "Tengo que ver por la casa", which would mean I must provide for the people living in the house (and also to make sure that the house is in proper conditions for living inside).
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Correct. Look for/after...
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