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What would be a good translation for nurturer? Educador??? Instigador?
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From dictionary.com:

someone who nurtures (educates, trains; rears, brings up)
someone who/something that feeds and protects their offspring
someone who supports and encourages (during a period of training or development)

'Educador' is a good translation of 'nuturer', when conveying the first meaning.
'Instigador' doesn't seem to match any of the definitions.
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I think an educator can be a nurturer, but not necessarily. There may not be a direct translation, but the closest one I can think of is animador.
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The monolingual/bilingual dictionary site wordreference.com offers only one translation for "nuture": "persona que apoya a otros".

The site offers several options for translating the verb "to nuture": each choice is appropriate some uses of the verb, but not for other uses of the verb. Options include:

a. care for, raise (children) = criar a, educar a
b. care for, raise (plants, animals) = alimentar, criar, nutrir
c. support (a cause) = promover, apoyar
d. cultivate (a feeling) = alimentar

You could come up with translations of "nurturer" based on the individual verbs, but each translation would be restricted to the specific type of nurturing for the type of person, thing or idea that the person nurtures.
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