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Help with song translation


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Old September 17, 2016, 12:29 AM
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Help with song translation

Our teacher told us to translate a Filipino pop song into Spanish, so I decided to choose Ang Huling El Bimbó. What mistakes did I make?

El Último El Bimbo

Parecías Paraluman
Cuando éramos niños
Y tu era realmente grande en el baile
Si era el Boogie o Cha-cha

Pero mi favorito
Fue cuando bailaba El Bimbo
Me hizo bailar, me hizo feliz
Esto hizo que mi vello subida


Después de la escuela nos gustaría ir a ti
Y toda la tarde me enseñas


Nos abrazamos despreocupadamente
Y que enseñó a mi corazón al amor

Mi cuerpo se pone rígido
Cuando la placa se convierte
Estoy muerto desde tu meneando
Y sus miradas

Ilumina mi vida
Cuando abrazamos
Y mis manos lentamente
Suave movimiento hacia abajo tu brazos, hooh

Ojalá lo hubiera dicho entonces, hoh
Aunque no es popular es la sola cosa que sé


La la la la, la la, la la, la la la

Pasaron muchos años
Y no vimos entre sí
He oído que ya tiene un niño
Pero sin un esposo

Dijeron que eras un lavaplatos
En algún lugar cerca de Ermita
Y una noche que fueron atropellados
En un esquinita oscuro, hah

Todos mis ambiciones repente se derritieron
Sólo puedo te bailar en mis sueños

(Coro 2x)

La la la la, la la, la la, la la la [2x]

In English:

The Last El Bimbo

You looked like Paraluman
Back when we were kids
And you were really great at dancing
Whether it was Boogie or the Cha-cha

But my favorite
Was when you danced the El Bimbo
It made me wanna dance, it made me happy
It made my hair rise


After school we would go to your house
And the whole afternoon you taught me


We held hands without a care
And you taught my heart to love

My body stiffens
When the record turns
I'm dead from the shaking of your hips
And your stares

My life brightens
When we're holding hands
And my hands slowly
Move down your smooth arms, hooh

I wish that I had told you then, hoh
Even if it's no longer popular its the only thing I know


La la la la, la la, la la, la la la

Many years passed
And we didn't see each other
I heard that you already have a child
But without a husband

They said you were a dishwasher
Somewhere near Ermita
And one night you were run over
In a dark alley, hah

All my ambitions suddenly melted
I can only dance with you in my dreams


La la la la, la la, la la, la la la [2x] - The original song.

Side note: I used the words most similar to the original Filipino, so I used "esquinita" for alley, since that is what it means in Filipino, instead of using the actual Spanish equivalent.

Last edited by Karilaz; September 17, 2016 at 11:06 PM. Reason: Added in a link to the original song
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