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I've been studying Spanish for almost 6 years now in Cervantes and the reason why I studied Spanish is because since I was little I was so into Latin telenovelas ....and now I'm watching this new Mexican Telenovela se llama "La Tempestad" and I totally love it.
Anyway, I understand like 90% of what they say ....but in some scenes there are like a word or two or maybe a whole sentence in which I don't understand or mostly can't hear coz they talk so fast ...mostly I just ignore it coz it's not important if I don't understand or hear one word or one sentence coz what matters is that I understand most of what they're saying ......but lately I've been thinking, that maybe by knowing these words or these sentences....It will help me with my Spanish and I will know new more words...so I better not ignore them ...So, I was wondering what if I post a video like everyday here and write the time where the word or the sentence that I can't hear well is being said and ask for your help telling me what they're saying .....Oh and don't bother translate anything ...I just need to know what are they saying that's it...I don't need the translation.
So I'm going to give it a try now ...and I hope that someone answers....

Here you go the link

At 4:26 Marina says:
Un hombre que esta ?????? mi confianza y mi aprecio.

At 7: 37 there are two men talking
Number one: Trabajaste co él verdad?
Number two: Sí, ??????? El capitan Michael tenía un carácter muy fuerte pero también un Corazón muy noble"

At 7:52
Number 2: "No pudo amar a ninguna otra mujer???????su padre, es que Damian????????????? medida"
Number 1: "Mira, sabés Qué! Haber ????????? mejor vamos a ponerle algo más fuerte a ese café".

At 8:35
Number 2: Salud
Number 1: ????????????

At 20: 59
"Damian estoy ?????? pero yo estoy??????irremediablemente"

At 22:17
"No sabemos si??????? o simplemente tuvo un percance no tenemos absultamente informacion"
"Haber haber, Hablaron con él ?????????????algo.

At 22:32
El pagre esta en la tempestad, pidió su???? para zarpar ???????? cinco minutos ??????? pero si no"

At 25:24
"No mucho???????????????"

At 25:31
The guy said a name of an island but I don't know what!!!! "isla de???????"

At 25:33
"Escombros, Entonces el velero esta?????????"
"??????????señorita lo vamos a encontrar se lo juro que lo vamos a encontrar"
At 25:50
"Lolo suelta las amarras"
And then Lolo answers : ???????????????????

At 27:23 the boys say:
"Vamos tenemos que encontrar algo porfavor????????????"
And then the girl says: "?????????????????????"
The boys say : "Tranquila tranquila señorita????????????????????????????????"
"es la gorra de damian"
A man screams and says "???????????"

At 28: 10
"esta gorra no prueba nada señorita"
The girl says : Damian no puede estar muerto
And then the other guy says : ????????????????????????????estoy seguro???????????????su vida.
Then she says :"Hay que tengamos que vaciar el mar…buscalo"
The other guy says to a man: ?????????????????

There's a scene cut from the video but it's here in this one

At 3:35
"Señorita, él??????????????
And she answers: "??????????????????créeme"

And the rest is here

At 2:30 the boys were screaming and saying many things
The girl says :"tenemos que??????????????no podemos esperar"
And then she talks to a guy and says: "Pagre por favor haz algo"
And he says to the boys : ????????????????? and then he says to her ?????????????????????????? voy a cambiar ?????????????????????
She says "no ???????????????????????????"

At 6:32
"demuestrame quién eres ???????????????y regresa"

At 6:44
"???????????????????????? por favor Mi amor"

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"... un hombre que se ha ganado mi confianza y mi aprecio."
"Sí, fui su grumete."
"... mujer. La diferencia con su padre es que Damián no hay podido encontrar(se?) ???? / Mira ¿sabes qué? **** aquí. Mejor vamos a ponerle ..."

I'm sorry. The accent is very foreign to me. Hispanic, but foreign.
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Adding to those transcribed by Alec:

At 7:52
Number 2: "No pudo amar a ninguna otra mujer la diferencia con su padre, es que Damián no ha podido encontrar ese tipo de mujer en su vida"
Number 1: "Mira, ¿sabes q? Agárrame aquí. Mejor vamos a ponerle algo más fuerte a ese café".

At 20: 59
Damián, Damián, lo estoy perdiendo, lo estoy perdiendo irremediablemente

At 22:17
"No sabemos si está a la deriva o simplemente tuvo un percance. No tenemos absultamente información"
"Haber haber Never use "haber" (auxiliary verb) for "a ver" (meaning "let's see"). This is a common mistake native Spanish speakers make, but if you are learning the language, don't inherit what is wrong.
A ver, ¿hablaron con él, se comunicó a tierra, algo?

At 22:32
El Bagre está en La Tempestad, pidió su autorización para zarpar. Dice que le deben quedar unos cinco minutos. Si usted llegaba, iba con él pero si no..."

At 25:24
"No mucho, sólo malas noticias."

At 25:31
It's not the name of the island, but how it is known: "la isla desierta".

A little piece of advice: mind for the right spelling and punctuation. They're needed for pronunciation, meaning and intonation.
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