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Hi all, looking for support....

I'm having a rough time in my Spanish class and I'm looking for some support in trying to pass this class.

I'm taking an intro Spanish class and the teacher is using an immersion style of teaching. She is giving instruction almost exclusively in Spanish and I'm missing so much. Within the first two weeks we have 21 pages of workbook assignments and 34 pages of online assignments much of which I just don't know how to do. I can see that she really wants us to learn, but this style of teaching isn't working for me and is losing almost every English only student in the class. We are down maybe 5 out of 30 students now and the only students in class who are doing well are the Esl people. Am I wrong in thinking that the teacher is trying to show us what it's like be an Esl in America? Possibly a valuable lesson, but it has cost me over 300$ of my money and what looks like a certain F to knock down my 4.0 GPA.....................

I need some help.......
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Students are responsible for asking what they don't understand and the teacher is responsible for answering their questions. When students don't talk, the teacher doesn't know where to slow down. So, if it's not too late to save the course, ask her anything you don't understand, go back as far as you need to.

Of course, if she doesn't listen or if she doesn't respond to students' needs, that's something else, and you might have to talk to the one responsible for the courses.

Here, we can help you by answering the specific questions you have and explaining what you don't understand.

Good luck and ask, ask, ask!
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