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Can Two Kids Alter US Immigration Law?

You can't send Juan and Alex to live in a Third World country they don't even know, simply because of something their parents did.

¿Estás de acuerdo?
If you find something wrong with my Spanish, please correct it!
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UUYY.......este es un tema muy sensitivo. Parece que nadie quiere decir algo....

Eventhough I am in agreement with the headline, I believe there are thousands of children and teens that are here because their parents made a big sacrifice for them to offer them a better future. I don't believe it would be fair for them to stay only because they have friends that are all college students and have $friends that can help. I don't believe that what they are doing will help others but I do believe it will help them.

I hate to believe it but I think that is what will happen. I hope I am wrong.

I do believe something needs to happen but I don't know what!!

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