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Post Truth or Dare

I've got a question that maybe someone here can answer. In English there is a kids' game called Truth or Dare. Basically, teens or young adults sit in a circle and ask each other pointed, usually embarrassing questions about often taboo subjects. To opt out of answering, participants can perform a dare instead. This is usually some silly action like exchanging clothes with others in the circle or eating something terribly gross.

I'm wondering if Hispanic cultures have a game like this, and if so what's it called in Spanish?

I know the Japanese have something similar which is called variously shinsetsu [truth] or oosama [king] game. I'm guessing most cultures of something like this.
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I think we'll have to wait for some native speaker opinions on this.
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In Mexico that game has been introduced very recently into a few teenage social circles due to USA cultural influence and is called "verdad o reto" or "verdad o castigo". If I'm not mistaken (I'm already kind of old), it's not widely played or very popular though.
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Thanks for sharing your insights, Angelica. Much appreciated.
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It was strongly introduce in the social teenage in Mexico, here it's called Vedad o Mentira, it's widely played with the same method that you told us before.
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