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ya I know that go to my profile I have a whole list of them in my comments - it's on page 2 right now but if you want to see it here, here it is.
groceria: grocery
casual: casual
mundana: mundane
asistir: assist
pena: pain
embaraso: embarrassment
seguramente: surely
constipado: constipated
gracious: gracioso

groserías (rude, or bad words) << >> groceries (comestibles, provisiones)
casual (accidental, chance) << >> casual (informal, ocasional)
asistir (to attend) << >> to assist (ayudar)
pena (penalty, sorrow) << >> pain (dolor, sufrimiento)
embarazada (pregnant) << >> embarrassed (avergonzada)
seguramente (probably) << >> surely (sin duda)
constipado (cold, chill) << >> constipated (estreñido)
gracioso (funny) << >> gracious (lujoso, cortés)
actual (current, at the present time) << >> actual (real, verdadero)
atender (to serve, take care of, attend to) << >> to attend (asistir)
carpeta (file folder) << >> carpet (alfombra)
complexión (physiological build) << >> complexion (tez, cutis)
contestar (to answer) << >> to contest (contender)
compromiso (promise, commitment) << >> compromise (el acto de conceder)
descepción (disappointment) << >> deception (engaño)
desgracia (mistake, misfortune) << >> disgrace (vergüenza)
destituido (removed from office) << >> destitute (desamparado, indigente)
disgusto (displeasure, misfortune) << >> disgust (asco, repugnancia)
en absoluto (not at all, absolutely not) << >> absolutely (totalmente)
éxito (success) << >> exit (salida)
fábrica (factory) << >> fabric (tejido, tela)
fútbol (soccer) << >> football (fútbol americano)
ganga (bargain) << >> gang (pandilla)
grabar (to record) << >> to grab (agarrar)
inconsecuente (contradictory) << >> inconsequential (de poca importancia)
largo (long) << >> large (grande)
molestar (to bother, annoy) << >> to molest (abusar sexualmente)
provisiones (supplies, groceries) << >> provisions (disposiciones)
realizar (to become a reality) << >> to realize (darse cuenta, comprender)
recordar (to remember, remind) << >> to record (anotar, grabar)
ropa (clothing) << >> rope (cuerda)
sano (healthy) << >> sane (sensato)
sensible (sensitive, capable of feeling) << >> sensible (razonable, sensato)
sopa (soup) << >> soap (jabón)
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