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Can you help with translation "Pues ni modo"?

Pues ni modo- what's the common meaning? Thx!

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How is it used in the sentence? How it is used can change ni to no, not or nor
ni modo can mean no way
so probably well (or then), no way.

ni conj 1 no ... ni, ni ... ni, neither ... nor, not ... or: ni vive ni deja vivir, she won't live or let live
no iréis ni tú ni él, neither you nor he will go
no tiene valor ni carácter, she has neither courage nor character ➣ Ver nota en neither
2 (siquiera) even: ni aunque me maten, not even if they kill me
¡ni hablar!, no way!
ni por todo el oro del mundo, not for all the gold on earth
no llamó ni una vez, she didn't phone even once
no lo digas ni en broma, don't say that even as a joke
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