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Direct/Indirect Obj, Reflexive Verbs and Double Obj Pronouns


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Old December 04, 2011, 05:49 PM
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Question Direct/Indirect Obj, Reflexive Verbs and Double Obj Pronouns

Hi, I'm a college student and is currently taking elementary level Spanish class.

The questions that I'm having include the contents in

Direct Object
Indirect Object
Reflexive Verbs
Double Object Pronouns

These questions are the questions that I got wrong on the test,
and I'm trying to re-do them again in order to prepare for my final exam.
In the following section, I wrote down, and underlined the new answer the I think it's right, and the thought that I was having when I was solving this problem.

I will really, really appreciate it if you guys can help me out and check if I got it right or not

I apologize if I posted this thread into the wrong section.

Thank you very much for reading my post

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Questions below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Direct Object:
complete the following sentence with the correct pronoun of direct object.

= Ángela, ¿a qué hora debo llevarte a la escuela mañana?
= Debes llevarme a las 6:00.
(I think the answer is me, because I am asking Ángela, ¨what time should I carry her to school tomorrow¨, and Ángela answered, ¨you need to carry me (to school tomorrow) at 6¨)

= ¿Piensas escribir esa composición en una sola noche?
= Si, tengo que terminarla pronto porque es para mi calse a las 8:00 de la mañana.
(I think it should be la in here, because la is representing ¨esa composición¨ in this conversation)

Indirect Object:
complete the following sentence with the correct pronoun of the indirect object.

Esos hombres no van a mandarle nada a la supervisora esta Navidad.
(I think it should be le in this question, because le is representing ¨la supervisora¨ in this sentence)

Reflexive Verbs:
complete the following sentence with the correct format of the reflexive verb.

(use the correct form of the reflexive verb ¨afeitarse¨ in the sentence)

Adán y yo no nos afeitamos todas las mañanas.
(I am a little bit confusing about this one, I don´t know I should use ¨nos afeitamos¨ or ¨afeitanos¨ in this question, or both of them are actually acceptable?)

(use the correct form of the reflexive verb ¨dormirse¨ in the sentence)

Tú no te duermes fácilmente después de ver pel*culas de horror.
(I am having the same confusion just like the last question, I don´t know if I should use ¨te duermes¨ or ¨dormirte¨)

Double Object Pronoun:
complete the sentence wit the correct pronouns of direct object and indirect object in the following questions

-- ¿Te debo veinte dólares este semestre?
-- S*, s*. ¿te los puedes pagar hoy?
(I think it should be te los in this question, ¨te¨ is a indirect object, representing for you, which is the person who is talking in the first sentence, ¨los¨ is a direct object, representing the masculine plural noun ¨dólares¨)

S*, mi amor, pienso cocinar un pastel de chovolate para tu cumpleaños. Pero hoy, no, hoy a preparár te le en un mes, el d*a de tu cumpleaños.
(I think it should be te le in here, ¨te¨ is the indirect object, representing for you, which is ¨mi amor¨ in here, ¨le¨ is a direct object, representing the chocolate cake in here)

~~~~~~~~~~Questions Ended~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank you so much for your reading, I really appreciate it.

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