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Studying French


Being the language lovers that we are... A place to talk about, or write in languages other than Spanish and English.

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Old December 01, 2015, 12:45 AM
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Studying French

This may sound like rant because of the length. Apologies in advance.

I hope all board member are well.

As I've noted here in the past on the forum, I studied Spanish for 2 years in high school many years ago, attended Spanish Academies in Guatemala (only like 4-6 weeks, two separate times. Not long enough).

I also worked in Ecuador 2 years ago for about 3 months and studied a couple times a week at a Spanish school, read the newspaper every day and of course heard Spanish every day and spoke it.

I studied Spanish again on my own and with a private teacher from Spain here in Vietnam, where I live.

Now, every day, I'm doing Krashen FVR (free voluntary reading) of Spanish BBC and other Spanish newspapers. FVR does help with my reading comprehension skill and I usually write down 1, only one, new word that is not rare/esoteric.

22 months ago in February 2014, I decided to study French at the French Institute. Very good prices (value) and great French and VNese teachers. Good resources also with a library and film and cultural events. The French government sponsors it so the prices are good and the amenities modern.

I have studied on and off b/c of my work schedule. Now, I'm in the fourth class of French. Each course is 9 weeks. We started the past tense (passe compose) and some other intermediate functions. My listening is improving, and I also read newspaper in French and can easily understand the topic/title and recognize many verbs.

IME, my French study, in comparison to Spanish is:

French is more difficult, IMO. Spanish is phonemic. When you read and see Spanish the sound is the same. French has many pronunciation rules that need to be learned.

French Grammar is more difficult for me and I have to work hard at it.

As we kmow many verbs and nouns are similar or the same as in English and Spanish, so absorbing the vocabulary is indeed the easiest part.

I will continue my French study as long at I live in VN. This could be more months or many more years.

But French is a hobby and for my mind, and not for use, basically.

For practical use in the future, Spanish would/could benefit my most as I'm from the US.

(I want to study Spanish for a lengthy period in Nicaragua when my jobs ends, whenever that is.)

Question: have any board members formally studied French?

What was your experience?

Did Spanish interfere? Or, did it help?

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