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A Mi Manera (My Way - Spanish Version)


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Old March 05, 2014, 12:37 AM
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A Mi Manera (My Way - Spanish Version)

I recently discovered the Spanish version of My Way (popularised by Frank Sinatra.) I thought it'd be a great learning tool since the song is so slow, but I've been struggling quite a bit with the lyrics.

Here is a link to someone else's attempt at a translation:

Below are the lines I've had trouble with:

Viajé y disfruté, no sé si más que otro cualquiera
Website translation: I've traveled and enjoyed, I don’t know any other way
This makes sense, but still leaves me confused about the Spanish grammar. Google Translate gives the following translation: I do not know if more than anyone else
I can make no sense of it...

Si bien, todo ello fué a mi manera
Website translation: If good, everything was done my way
This translation just doesn't make sense to me. I've read online that the phrase Si bien can be mean if, while, on the other hand, even though... but still none of these seem to fit.

Ahora sé que fuí feliz
Website translation: Now I know that I was happy
I would've thought that era would've been used if the songwriter was saying he was happy. Would a more accurate translation be:
Now I know that I went [through life] happy?

Quizás, también dudé cuando mejor me divertía
Website translation: Perhaps, I also doubted when better I enjoyed myself
This doesn't make sense to me. Word Reference states that cuando mejor can mean at best. Would a more accurate translation therefore be:
Perhaps I doubted when I was enjoying myself the most/when I having the best time?

Porque ya sabrás que el hombre al fin / Conocerás por su vivir
Website translation: Because you'll learn that at the end, you'll know a man by the way he lives
If this translation is correct then should it not be Lo conocerás por su vivir?
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