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"as soon as"....

Wow, it's been awfully quiet around here lately.

How do you say, "as soon as I...", or "as soon as you..." ?
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Tan pronto como.
Te pago tan pronto como me des la paquete.
I'll pay you as soon as you give me the package.

If the action hasn't happened yet, it has to carry the subjunctive. Otherwise, when you're telling a story or something in the past, you don't have to use it.

Tan pronto como él llegó, la fiesta empezó.
As soon as he arrived, the party started.

Pretty sure that´s all right. Correct if not!
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I usually use "tan pronto como" or "en cuanto"

Te pago en cuanto me des el paquete
Te pago tan pronto como me des el paquete

To my ear "en cuanto" suena más natural en español, pero puede ser que sea más natural en México y no en otras partes.

EDIT: Oh, and Julie, you're right it sure has been quiet around here.... we've got to change that somehow.
If you find something wrong with my Spanish, please correct it!
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