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Storing Luggage

When you arrive at a hotel before check-in and you want to store your luggage there so you can roam about, how would you ask that?

With what I know, I am thinking something like:

"¿Pueden quedarse aquí mis maletas hasta check-in?"

Would that make sense? Would they understand?
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check in (verb) = registrarse
check-in (noun) = el proceso de registro
luggage = equipaje (maletas)
store luggage = guardar el equipaje (las maletas)

As an alternate for 'check in', you can use 'hacer el check in' (note that there is no hyphen, officially, but you'll see it written that way in some places).

Your question would be understood, but it isn't entirely correct.

I would say something along these lines (there are other ways to ask your question).
¿Pueden guardar las maletas antes de que me registre? (antes del proceso de registro)
¿(Aquí) puedo guardar las maletas antes de registrarme?
¿Me pueden guardar las maletas antes ...?

¿Se puede guardar las maletas antes de la hora de registro (check in)?
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In Spain, a common term for baggage handlers at hotels is maletero.
La consigna is he room where luggage is temporarily stored.
So, you can say something like quisiera saber si tiene una consigna para las maletas, or ¿se puede dejar el equipage con un maletero?
Me ayuda si corrige mis errores. Gracias.
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When you arrive at a hotel before check-in and you want to store your luggage there so you can roam about, how would you ask that?
Here's how I might express this in Mexican Spanish:

¿Puedo encargarle mis maletas aquí hasta que regrese para registrarme?
If you find something wrong with my Spanish, please correct it!
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