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Airport Scanners - Cochlear Implant User


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Old July 17, 2017, 04:25 AM
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Airport Scanners - Cochlear Implant User

Hi everyone,

I am really hoping you can help me.

Basically, I am deaf and use a cochlear implant which means I cannot go through airport scanners as it scrambles the map and may leave me unable to hear.

I am travelling to Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Argentine and will be using a lot of connecting flights and I know I will encounter problems, especially since many of them won't know what a cochlear implant is.

I have a letter from the Auditory department which explains why I cannot go through but this is in English.

I am petrified of being forced to go through and thus potentially losing my hearing.

Would someone be as kind please as to translate the following;

Many sincere thanks in advance..

Carl has a Cochlear Implant.

This is a special type of hearing aid for severe to profoundly deaf adults and children.

A cochlear implant has both external and internal parts. The external parts consist of a speech processor, microphone and transmitter coil. The internal part is implanted in the mastoid bone behind the ear and then leads to the cochlea.

The security system at airports produces magnetic fields, which can damage the speech processor. It should, therefore, be passed round the outside of the system.

The internal parts of the implant may activate the alarm so the person or child should be checked using the hand scan.

During the flight the speech processor should be turned off for take off and landing while the plane has the "Fasten Seatbelts" sign illuminated.

Please refer to the Identity Card for further information or contact the Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service, Telephone No: 01274 364853.
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Old July 17, 2017, 06:47 AM
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Based on what says there (you should find a balance between coming across ignorant people and sounding patronizing; don't be shy and say something -and show IDs and cards- before things happen)

I have a cochlear implant = Tengo hecho un implante coclear (wiki)
This is my Patient ID card = Esta tarjeta me identifica como paciente y portador del implante (this card identifies me as a patient who has received such an implant) -if necessary, scan your ID card and we'll translate what's in it for you-.
[if applicable; I find it advisable that you do this to prevent any trouble] Please, look here. This is the external part of the implant = Por favor, mire aquí la parte externa del implante.
This cochlear implant may trigger the scan alarm = Este implante coclear podría disparar la alarma del escáner.
This is my backup sound processor. Please, it is extremely important not to run in through the conveyor belt because it will be rendered useless, what will cause me expenses and may leave me deaf should a problem occur with the processor I'm using now = Este es mi procesador de sonido de repuesto. Por favor, es importantísimo que éste no pase por el detector de rayos usado con el equipaje de mano porque se estropeará, lo que me ocasionará gastos y me dejaría sordo por el resto de mi viaje en el caso de que se descompusiera el procesador que estoy usando en este momento.

And just in case (no matter it is true or not)

This sound processor is specialized in English sounds. I don't speak any Spanish and the processor doesn't allow me to hear clearly Spanish sounds = El procesador de sonido que estoy usando está afinado con los sonidos típicos del idioma inglés. Yo no hablo español y este procesador no me permite escuchar con claridad los sonidos del español hablado.

And don't worry. If any full X-ray scan, like the one with the vertical plate you have to stand by, are used in local airports for domestic flies, the personnel is trained to understand this situation (though they're as heavy set and looking mildly both dumb and aggressive as any airport security personnel worldwide). I bet they'll become dumb (speech) once they learn you're deaf, they'll use the manual scanner and they'll signal you to even skip the arch scanner.

Don't worry if I made mistakes in English. Be sure of my Spanish, even if some spelling checker points out a couple of "mistakes" that aren't real. I've chosen what I know works in the region you'll be visiting.
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Old July 17, 2017, 06:57 AM
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If you're visiting Brazil you should manage to get translations into Portuguese. Don't trust Spanish and Portuguese are mutually intelligible in their written forms because that requires education, a very broad vocabulary, certain intelligence and thinking with method, and this full set is not the norm with airport security.
¡Jorbáis! Me fui en busca de mejores puertos.
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