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Adequate Vocabulary?

What is considered an adequate Spanish vocabulary to navigate most every-day situations? I have learned close to 3000 words, yet I’m still stumped by package directions, warnings, song lyrics, blogs and newsletters.
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That very much depends on the vocabulary you've acquired so far. If all of it has been from a course, it is limited. How many times have you seen the same things?
If your vocabulary comes from one source, it is limited.
My vocabulary initially came from one source, but because I had to speak in Spanish all day long to lots of people everyday, about all kinds of things, my vocabulary grew extensively. Total immersion is the best way to learn a language.

If you search online, a lot of people think that 1,000-3,000 words (lemmas) are adequate, but a native speaker knows 10,000-30,000 words. That's ten times greater than what is deemed adequate, so I beg to differ.

I have no idea how many words I know, but I feel comfortable in most situations I've been in (because of daily exposure to the language many, many years ago).
Turns of phrase and slang can be a challenge.
Different regions can use (actually, do use) different vocabulary. Pronunciation of words can vary, too.

You should be able to express feelings, frustrations, and joy. You should be conversant about current issues because people want to talk about that (their opinions matter).
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Thank you, Rusty. Only 27,000 to go.
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adequate vocabulary, how many words


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