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Christmas and New Year

NavidadNFP - Christmas

 Spanish  English 
 ¡Feliz Navidad!  Merry Christmas! 
 Navidad/DíaNM de Navidad  Christmas Day 
 navideño(a)ADJ  Christmas related 
 serieNF (de lucesNFP Christmas lights / string lights / string of lights 
 nacimientoNM/Belén[nm]  Nativity 
 árbolNM (de Navidad)/árbol de pascuaNF  Christmas tree 
 muñecoNM de nieveNF  snowman 
 esferaNF  (spherical) ornament 
 coronaNF  wreath 
 henoNM  hay 
 regaloNM  present 
 moñoNM  bow 
 botaNF  stocking 
 duendeNM  elf (Santa's little helpers) 
 Santa Clos / Papá Noel  Santa Claus 
 trineoNM  sledge / sled / sleigh 
 renoNM  reindeer 
 Rodolfo (el reno de la narizNF roja)  Rudolf (the red-nosed reindeer) 
 nochebuenaNF  poinsettia 
 NocheNF BuenaNF  Christmas Eve 
 piñataNF  piñata 
 muérdagoNM  mistletoe 
 brindisNM  toast 
 chimeneaNF  chimney 
 campanaNF  bell 
 cascabel NM  (jingle) bell /sleigh bell 
 velaNF  candle 
 bastónNM de carameloNM  candy cane 
 copoNM de nieveNF  snowflake 
 tarjetaNF de Navidad  Christmas card 
 juguetesNMP  toys 
 reyesNMP magosNMP (Melchor, Gaspar y Baltasar)  the (three) Wise Men (of/from the East) / the (Three) Kings (from the Orient) / the Magi (Caspar/Gaspar/Jaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar) 
 oroNM  gold 
 inciensoNM  frankincense 
 mirraNF  myrrh 
 escarchaNF (Mexico)  frost / tinsel / garland 
 espumillónNM (Spain)  garland 
 AñoNM NuevoNM  New Year 
 ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!  Happy New Year! 
 Año Viejo  Old Year 
 NocheNM Vieja  New Year's Eve 
 fuegosNMP artificiales  fireworks 
 propósitosNMP de año nuevo  New Year's resolutions 
 envolturaNF de regaloNM/papel[g]nm de regalo  gift wrap / wrapping paper 
 felicitaciónNF  greeting 
 villancicoNM  Christmas carol 
 panNM de frutasNFP/pan de pascua  fruitcake 
 galletaNF de jengibreNM  gingerbread 
 aguinaldoNM  Christmas bonus 

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Originally Posted by JPablo View Post
Yes, "paja = hay, straw"
Erm, actually, hay and straw are not quite the same thing. "Paja" is straw, not hay. "Heno" is hay.

"Straw" is the stalks of cereal plants from which grain and chaff have been removed. It has a variety of uses, especially livestock bedding and fodder, fuel, thatching and basketmaking.

"Hay" is any combination of grasses, legumes or other herbaceous plants that has been cut, dried and stored for use as animal fodder.

(Sayeth the man who spent many a summer afternoon during his teens helping put up thousands of bales of hay, only to pull them out from the barns during the winter to feed the cows and horses. We weren't commercial farmers, but after six summers of putting up 3000+ bales each summer I will NEVER think of "hayrides" as "fun".)
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Good point!
El que sabe, sabe... y si no... pa cabo.
Lo propio de la verdad es que se basta a sí misma, aquel que la posee no intenta convencer a nadie.
"An enemy is somebody who flatters you. A friend is somebody who criticizes the living daylights out of you."
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