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Is this lady saying mas juerte?

Is this lady saying mas juerte? 350 to 359
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Yes, to me it sounds like she says "más juerte". However, I also assume that her intended meaning is "más fuerte". It may be part of her non-native accent: the news report states that her first language is an indigenous language, and in the video she speaks her native language part of the time.
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She probably does, so you may have finally found one.

For a few years now, you have seemed to be overly preoccupied with how some speakers replace the sound "f" with "j" in some words. I don't know if you'll find many more examples where someone says it in a clear way. You have posted several videos of indigenous people speaking, and while it is true that a few of them are the ones who mostly do that (due to their original languages), I can hardly hear them pronouncing words the way you've been told they do.
Because of the mockery many native Spanish speakers make of them, and because of the fact that communication in Spanish has grown in recent years, I doubt you will find many more clear examples of someone speaking like that; it's way more often found in caricatures of that usage of language than in actual speech.
By the way, mockery and caricatures are racist expressions coming from people who have never appreciated the value of indigenous cultures and languages, and have never considered that Spanish is their second or sometimes even their third language, and therefore, they have a foreign accent in Spanish.

If you are learning Spanish, my advice is that you focus on the natural pronunciation of language in daily speech, rather than in anomalies you aren't likely to hear from people you meet.
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Angelica, that is true. A learner should focus on standard ways of speaking. Nevertheless, it's good to be aware of differences in the way people speak. This awareness probably is evident in any widely spoken language, certainly in Spanish and English.
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@Juerte23 -- You have your answer so there's no need to continue bringing up the same question over and over as you already have several times. You're welcome to contribute to the forums if you have a different topic to discuss and you're able to do so respectfully. Thanks!

Thread closed.
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