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To Confide In

To Trust - Fiarse de / Confiar en

To Confide in?????????

I was trying to say the following sentence and felt I was understood when I tried to convey "to trust," but I got completely lost at the end of the sentence because I don't know how to say "to confide in" and the dictionaries don't really help.

We have known each other for a long time and
Nos conocemos desde hace mucho tiempo y

trust each other,
confiamos el uno en el otro,
nos fiamos el uno del otro,

but she still never confides anything in me
pero todavía

no me confía nada???
no confía nada en mí???
no confía nada a mí???

(meaning she never tells me her inner thoughts/secrets and trusts I won't tell anyone)

Also, since I am talking about friends that involve a male and a female, should it be
el uno en la otra
el uno de la otra

Please help me translate the sentence correctly.
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confiar, confide


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