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I Wish You Love

This one was very difficult for me to translate because in English it is written in the past tense. I really had to work at the conjugations, sometimes by trial and error, more than a grasp of the grammar.

I won't be surprised at all if someone with a better understanding of Spanish (grammar) could say this a lot better and quite differently.

Also, the way it is written doesn't give much flexibility in changing the English version, so the Spanish has to try to say the best way possible what was meant in English.

I attempted to translate this a few years ago and gave up because it was way over my head at that time.

I Wish You Love / yo deseo para ti Amor;

I know it now. / Lo sé ahora
I was in love... / Estaba en amor...;
With you ! / ¡Contigo!

I wish you could have been there. / yo deseo pudiste han sido allí

It was really true. / Era realmente verdad.

I made mistakes / yo hecha los yerros
as blundering (clumsy) lovers do. que torpe los amantes harán.

I wish you love / yo deseo para ti Amor;
as blind as was my love... /tan persiana como fue mi amor
for you. / para ti

Until you know this kind of love / hasta que tú sabe esta clase de amor;
that goes out from your heart, / eso va fuera de su corazón
you'll never know the pain... / tú nunca sabrá el dolor
Of losing you. / De perderle;

Then you'll understand. / Entonces tú entenderá;

You have to be there too. / tú tiene que estar allí
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Hola Celador
I'm sorry that I can't translated literal from the original,but you need to understand spanish is romantic languaje,it would no make any sense if I do it that way at least to the spanish speakers.

Ahora lo se
que estaba enamorado
de ti
hubiera deseado que hubieras estado aqui
de veras es la verdad
cometi errores
como todos los amantes inutiles
deseo tu amor
ciego como era mi amor
por ti
hasta que tu conoscas esta clase de amor
todo esto viene de mi corazon
tu nunca vas a saber lo que se siente al perderte
solo a si lo entenderas
tu tienes que sentirlo tambiem.

Latino de corazon.
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I don't really understand, but...
Te deseo amor

Ahora lo sé.
Estaba contigo...

Me gustaría que hubieses estado allí
Fué real.
Cometí errores
como un amante torpe.

Te deseo un amor
tan ciego como lo fue el mío
hacia tí

Hasta que no conozcas este amor
que sale de dentro del corazón
no conocerás mi dolor
ante tu pérdida

Entonces entenderás
mi situación

I agree with Chambacu, things in spanish are not so easy.
In english, a song like
"I just come to say I love you"
or "stand bay me"
It's a good song and a number one, but in spanish sounds strange

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Deseo Para Ti Amor

This original poem was written a few years ago. It is about loveing someone who does not return the love.

So putting it all together I end up with this:

Deseo Para Ti Amor / I Wish You Love

Ahora lo sé / I know it now.
Que estaba enamorado.../ I was in love...
¡De ti! / With you !

Deseado pudiste han sido allí / I wish you could have been there.
De veras es la verdad / truely it is the truth

Cometi errores / I made mistakes
Como un amante torpe. / as blundering (clumsy) lovers do.

Deseo para ti, tus amor; / I wish you love ( wish for you, your love)
Tan ciego como fue mi amor / as blind as was my love...
Por ti / For you.

Hasta que sabe de este amor; / Until you know of this love
Todo esto alargar de tú corazon / (all this) to extend from your heart
No conocerás mi dolor / you will not know my pain...
De perderle / Of losing you.;

Solo así lo entenderás / only thus (then) you will understand it

Tienes que sentirlo tambien. / you must feel it also


It is said, "Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it."

There is an epilogue to this story. This person did go and find love with someone who does not return it. I get no satisfaction from watching them experience this pain.

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Love makes learning a foreign language seem simple.
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