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Pronombres al fin de la oración


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Old October 15, 2009, 04:45 PM
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Pronombres al fin de la oración

Hola, ¿cuándo se debe usar los pronombres así?

He oído ..

¿qué va a comer usted?
¿Vas a salir ?

¿Es que el pronombre allí da énfasis?

¿Vas a salir? Are you going to leave?
¿Vas a salir ? Your going to leave too!?
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Old October 15, 2009, 06:48 PM
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Right, Bob, when one uses an explicit pronoun in Spanish, it's either to add an emphasis or to clarify a possible ambiguity.

"¿Qué va a comer usted?" is also more polite than "¿Usted qué va a comer?" (actually the latter is rather rude).

"¿Vas a salir tú?" is mostly the same as "¿Tú vas a salir?", and here, politeness is only given by the tone of voice one uses when asking. ("Tú" is of course more relaxed than "usted".)

The pronoun at the end, I think, is the most correct, grammatically speaking.
Btw., I've heard Cuban people build these sentences like "¿Qué tú piensas?", but the place of the pronoun here sounds rather awkward for many other speakers. The most common would be "¿tú qué piensas?" and "¿qué piensas tú?".
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