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Question Would regret

I can't seem to find the Spanish word for "would."
If "would regret" has one translation please help.
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I would regret lost a lot of money:
lamentaria perder un monto de dindero.
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There is no word as such for would in Spanish, it is translated as a suffix that is added to the infinitive of the verb in question. Would regret is lamentaría, would eat = comería, would go= iría ... and so on. Hope this helps.
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Then I can say if you eat fish, I would eat fish too.

Si tu comes pescado, tambien comeria pescado.

Would eat= comeria

Would egret= lamentaria

would go= iria.

Mary, you have other way for use the word (Would).

Thanks you.
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As María says, look up the conditional mood in a grammar book if you have one. Would makes the verb conditional (I would do X if I had Y), and to do the same thing in Spanish, just add an ía to the end of the infinitive.

would regret
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Originally Posted by aleop View Post
I can't seem to find the Spanish word for "would."
If "would regret" has one translation please help.
Also remember that if you're trying to translate "would" as "used to" you use the past imperfect.

Example: "My sister would have dinner every day with her friend."
"Mi hermana cenaba todos los días con su amiga."

"When I was young, I would play all day"
"Cuando yo era chico, jugaba todo el día".
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