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Talking about vacation activities


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Old July 22, 2020, 07:51 AM
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Talking about vacation activities

I am trying to talk about the activities that people can do on holiday. (Context: The lines would be used as subheadings.)

Is the use of "Actividades vacacionales" the correct phrase to use? Also, for the activity, do I need to use an article (e.g. el/la/los/las) before the name?

For example:
 Actividades Vacacionales  (Holiday Activities) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Baloncesto  (Holiday Activities: Basketball) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Mochila  (Holiday Activities: Backpacking) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Paseo en Barco  (Holiday Activities: Boat Ride) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Camping  (Holiday Activities: Camping) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Ciclismo  (Holiday Activities: Biking) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: De Golf  (Holiday Activities: Golfing) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Equitación  (Holiday Activities: Horse Riding) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Esquí  (Holiday Activities: Skiing) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Fútbol  (Holiday Activities: Football) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Lectura Tarrot  (Holiday Activities: Tarrot Reading) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Navegación a Vela  (Holiday Activities: Sailing) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Orientación  (Holiday Activities: Orienteering) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Paseos en Bote  (Holiday Activities: Boating) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Surf  (Holiday Activities: Surfing) 
 Actividades Vacacionales: Voleibol  (Holiday Activities: Volleyball) 

Does this sound natural?

In addition, there are some times when I want to say "vacation fun" instead of "Vacation activity". For this would "Diversión de vacaciones" be correct to use? E.g.:

 Diversión De Vacaciones: Beber  (Holiday Fun: Drinks) 
 Diversión De Vacaciones: Comer Fuera  (Holiday Fun: Eating Out) 
 Diversión De Vacaciones: Ir De Compras  (Holiday Fun: Shopping) 
 Diversión De Vacaciones: Mariscos  (Holiday Fun: Sea Food) 
 Diversión De Vacaciones: Partido Deportivo  (Holiday Fun: Sports Match) 
 Diversión De Vacaciones: Pícnic  (Holiday Fun: Picnic) 
 Diversión De Vacaciones: Postre  (Holiday Fun: Desserts) 
 Diversión De Vacaciones: Restaurante  (Holiday Fun: Restaurants) 

Again, do I need to use an article (e.g. el/la/los/las) before the name?

Thanks for any help that can be offered!
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Old July 25, 2020, 03:56 PM
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The article is not necessary in a vocabulary list, but it's a useful classroom strategy so the language students learn the word with its gender.
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