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A couple of American terms.

I heard these two words in an American show I watch with my daughter, and even though I can guess the meaning I might be wrong.
- The jocks ( the context was a group of teenagers in a high school talking about other kids). Are the jocks the popular guys?
- MIT : I guess it's a college. Am I right?
And one more thing I've just remembered:SB (you Americans use a lot more initials than the British and although I've managed to master some of them, many still escape me)
I have to admit I find initials and guessing what they stand for a great exercise, and besides they are very useful.
In some cases I choose to use the American word because it's a lot faster (I love talking about medicine and medical dramas...)
Some examples:
OR v. (operating theatre)
OB v. obstetrician or gynaecologist
CBC v. blood test
It's true that in some cases it's not only a distinction between continents but also a question of context. And aren't some vocab differences becoming blurry in this mass media world of ours?
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