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"I'm having my <noun> <past-participled>"


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Old October 11, 2017, 06:39 PM
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"I'm having my <noun> <past-participled>"

I tried to convey this very common English phraseology to my Spanish instructor, but I don't think I got him to understand what I was getting at.

In English, we say things like:
I'm having my teeth cleaned, Tuesday.
I had my car washed, yesterday.
I'm going to have him defrost the freezer
In each case, "have" doesn't connote possession of something as much as it connotes that someone else (usually unspecified) is going to perform some task on something you own, usually at your request.

Is there a similar construction in Spanish, other than, say "Se me van a limpiar los dientes" ("They are going to clean my teeth"), which doesn't quite convey, as well, that it is at your mandate.
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