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Spanish Jug

doubt that this is a cultural question. I want to get one of those Spanish drinking jugs that comes out in a stream and you have to drink from it. What is this called. In English pref as I can buy in UK.
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I think you may be referring to a porrón. I don't think there's an English equivalent to the word (Spanish decanter maybe). I would use porron, and good luck finding it in a store, because there probably isn't much demand for them. How do you clean them? Your best bet for purchasing it in US and probably UK is on-line.
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Thanks. Found one.
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If what you're looking for is a porrón, it looks like they are available on amazon.

As for what it's called in English, I'd just use "porron" or maybe "Spanish wine decanter"
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We have at least three types of drinking jugs matching your description: the previously mentioned "porrón", generally made in glass, and used to drink wine. The second one is the so called "botijo" [bo'tixo]. It is made of clay, and traditionally used to keep water cold in summer, during agricultural work. The third one is the "bota" or "bota de vino", (wine boot) made of tanned an impermeabilized leather. It is a kind of canteen with the particularity that you have to drink from a wine jet, avoiding touching the container with your mouth, a common feature of the three types of container mentioned, what prevents the spread of diseases and improves hygiene.
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