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This is a discussion thread for the Daily Spanish Word for November 15, 2008

suelo - masculine noun (el) - floor, ground. Look up suelo in the dictionary

No te acuestes en el suelo, está muy sucio.
Don't lay down on the floor, it's really dirty.
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Voseo form of this sentences is: no te acostás en el suelo, está muy sucio.

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Not quite. What you wrote is the negated present indicative form.
What you wanted is the negative imperative form.
Here are the forms used:
Present Indicative


(no) te acuestas
(no) te acostás
(no) os acostáis
Present Subjunctive


(no) te acuestes
(no) te acostés
(no) os acostéis
Affirmative Imperative


Negative Imperative


no te acuestes
no te acostés
no os acostéis

Edit: Additional note for the voseo negative imperative:
What I wrote is not used in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. It is used in Central America. In the aforementioned countries, they apparently use the tuteo form in the subjunctive and negative imperative (they still use the vos pronoun, however).

So, expect to hear no te acuestes in Argentina, Paraquay and Uruguay for the voseo negative imperative.

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floor, ground, suelo


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