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En inglés la palabra dique es dike, que tambien es una palabra despectiva para lesbiana pero todo depende en como se usa.

Los castores no hacen diques sino dams en inglés.
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The word dam carries the assumption that it was purposefully built by someone or something. The word reservior can imply it was built, but can also imply a natural process that created a large amount of water resulted from a naturally interrupted flow of water.
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Presa also means "piece"

Pásame una presa de pollo.

Hay personas que se lavan por "presas"
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So where does embalse come into this?
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Embalse es el "depósito" de agua. Es el "recipiente" formado por la represa y el valle u hondonada que ésta cierra.
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It is different

Presa is for accumulating water ( dam )
Pantano is the "lake" formed by a presa

Dique is different . You put a ship into it and then you drain all of the water out , for repair or for a water level shift.

I agree , presa as " female convict"

"Presa ibérica" is also a piece of meat , that comes from the "armpit" of an iberico pig ( delicious by the way )
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dam, presa, reservoir


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