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How can I say Amonestación in the following context:
In school when children misbehave, in some Spanish schools they get amonestaciones which are a kind of sanction on a piece of paper, and if they get 3, they are sent home for 3 days.
Is this correct?
If you continue like that I´ll give you a sanction/you´ll get a sanction
I ll impose a sanction on you?
Which one is the most correct?
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"Amonestación" en tu contexto, yo lo entiendo como "warning".

If you get 3 warnings you get the penalty.

That's how I see it... (Let's see what the English natives have to say!)

¡Saludos cordiales, Robin!
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I don’t work in a school setting per se, but in an adult training setting. Perhaps some of our wording will be of help to you.

If a trainee breaks a rule, he/she enters into the “disciplinary process.” He/she receives a “verbal warning” for the first infraction, a “written final warning” for the second infraction, and then a “written reprimand” that outlines the amount of “suspension time” that is being imposed.

Using the question you pose in your thread, I would say to a trainee: “If you continue this behavior, you will enter into the “disciplinary process” that could ultimately result in “your serving suspension time”/“being placed on suspension.”

I don’t deal with young students, only with adults in training, but I wanted to offer you the terms that we use. I hope someone who actually works with students in the teaching field can also offer you some terms.
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Yes, i think it is a written warning and then 3 day suspension out of school.
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