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Question Slang Help - "Chirilito"

There's a song I am trying to learn. It's called chirilito. Can anyone tell me what this word means/is referring to?

It goes:

Chirilito nego. Becho colorado

That's the first line. He definitely says becho, not bicho. Thought perhaps he just means bicho? So maybe chirilito is a bug?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

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Becho may be a way of pronouncing bello.
I googled chirilito and there's a similar term chirulito which is a kind of corn chip. Chirilito may be a person's name. Nego may be negro

It may be a love song to a fellow named Chirilito.
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The song seems to be "Chivirito negro pecho colorado".
The "chirivito" seems to be some kind of bird.
In traditional popular music there is often reference to birds, to whom one sings a story or tells about one's disgrace. Although there is no real connection between the verses, here, the bird seems to be used as to learn a moral: the chirivito was hurt because he fell in love.

@Poli: This is slightly off-topic, but since you know a lot about popular uses of language, you might like to know this: in Mexico, people imitate how toddlers speak by changing some "s" sounds to "ch"; so, when talking like or to a child, people may say "becho" instead of "beso".
In a familiar environment, someone may say: "chenche, no canche" ["siénte(se), no (se) canse"], as they offer you a seat. The full version of the well pronounced expression is never used though (we only say "siéntese" or "siéntate"). Also, this false toddler expression doesn't distinguish between "tú" or "usted", so it's used for everyone.
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"Chivirito Negro Pecho Colorado"

Chivirito Negro Pecho Colorado
Eso Te Sucede Por Enamorado
Yo De Aquellos Hombres No Me He De Confiar
Porque Aquellos Hombres Saben Traicionar
Chivirito Negro Pecho Colorado
Eso Te Sucede Por Enamorado

Se trata de un cardenal cubierto de plumaje negro menos en el pecho, que es plumaje rojo.
No sé en España, pero en latinoamérica el color rojo lo definen "colorado"
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Thank you all for taking the time to reply!

Even with my poor translation and spelling errors, you were still able to help!

The first two lines are actually:
"Chirilito negro, pecho colorado.
Eso te susede, Wambrita, por enamorada"

It appears the man (who sings the song I'm listening to) took the song quoted above and altered it to fit his story. ?
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