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Tuve más responsabilidad de la que imagino


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Old May 25, 2024, 06:59 AM
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Tuve más responsabilidad de la que imagino

Hola a todos,

La frase en cuestión es del libro Cuenta contigo de Patricia Ramírez Loeffler.

La impulsividad, los juicios de valor y la impaciencia nos llevan muchas veces a relacionar una experiencia con la interpretación que hacemos de ella. Vivimos una situación, hacemos un juicio de valor, extraemos una serie de conclusiones y a partir de ahí las guardamos en nuestra memoria a largo plazo sin cuestionarnos su veracidad y objetividad, sin preguntarnos: «¿Pude hacerlo yo mejor?»; «¿Quizá tuve más responsabilidad de la que imagino?»; «¿Lo hizo realmente con intención de ofenderme o dañarme?».
Pero ¿por qué nuestra memoria recuerda de forma sesgada? He aquí los motivos:....

Does "tuve más responsabilidad de la que imagino" mean I should have taken responsibility and done it myself?

Or maybe it should be tuvo más responsabilidad de la que imagino, i.e. that person had more responsibility/responsibilities (had other things to do) than I imagine?

I might well be wrong, but the sentence with "tuve" does seem a bit strange to me.

Thank you.

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Old May 26, 2024, 02:34 AM
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It seems to me that she's referring to the ways we see conflict with other people. In that case, people tend not to reflect about what they did to have a confrontation with someone else, but tend to put all the blame on the other person.
She's asking herself what her active role, her responsibility, was when she got in an argument or a bad exchange with someone else. Maybe she could have done something better, having a different attitude, and she's thinking now that perhaps she overreacted against what the other person did or say.
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Old May 26, 2024, 03:12 AM
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Thank you very much, Angelica.
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