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Usage of verb dar/decir and other elementary Spanish vocabs


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Old December 04, 2011, 07:32 PM
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Question Usage of verb dar/decir and other elementary Spanish vocabs

Hi, I'm a college student and is currently taking elementary level Spanish class.

The questions that I'm having include the contents in

The verb "dar"
The verb "decir"
Other elementary level Spanish Vocab

These questions are the questions that I got wrong on the test,
and I'm trying to re-do them again in order to prepare for my final exam.
In the following section, I wrote down, and highlighted the new answer the I think it's right, and the thought that I was having when I was solving this problem.

I will really, really appreciate it if you guys can help me out, thank you very much.

I apologize if I posted this thread into the wrong section.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Questions below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Complete the following sentence by using the correct form of "dar" or "decir"

Cuando yo les doy dinero a esos niños, siempre lo usan para comprar dulces.
(my translation:
When I give the money to those boys, they always use those money to buy sweets)
(I think i should use "doy" in this one, because the person who is talking, which is "I", is giving money to the boys, therefore I should use the conjugated form of "dar" in this question, which is "doy")

Esos padres no le dicen toda la verdad a su hijo con respecto a Santa Claus.
(my translation:
Those parents are not telling the truth to their son with the respect to Santa Claus.)
(I think I should use "dicen" in this one, because "decir" means "to say", and it make sense in this sentence, because the parents are not saying/telling the truth to their son, and I use "dicen" because that is the conjugated form of "decir")

Other Vocabs:
complete the sentence by filling in the blank or choose the correct answer.

Si uno está fuera de la ciudad, está en el campo

Otra palabra para expresar vecindario es barrio

--¿Qué es esto? (Es para lavar las manos.)
--Es un lavabo

21, multiple choice
La gente típicamente desea comprar un vivienda con muchas ventanas proque les gusta un espacio __.

a, sin amueblar
b, lleno de luz
c, tranquilo
d, oscuro
(I think B is the correct answer in here since he wants a lot of lights in his house)

25, Todos saben que es generalmente buena idea __ antes de ducharse.

a, secarse
b, lavarse
c, desvestirse
d, divertirse
(I think the correct answer will be C since undressing is the most common thing that people will do before getting bath.)

Nosotros preparamos guacamole con muchos aguacates y también los ponemos en las ensaladas.

Después de pagar la cuenta en un restaurante, muchos clientes le dan una buena propina al mesero, especialmente si reciben buen servicio.

El utensilio que usamos para cortar la carne es el cuchillo.

33, fill in the blank with the correct form of ¨sugar¨
Mis padres toman café con mucho azúcar.

__ es un condimento popular que frecuentemente se encuentra en la mesa al lado de la sal.

a, la pimienta negra
b, el vino tinto
c, el vinagre
d, el champiñón
(I will choose A since black pepper will usually put right next to salt in restaurant)

~~~~~~~~~~Questions Ended~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank you so much for reading this post, I really appreciate it.

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Old December 04, 2011, 09:09 PM
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Well done. I didn't see any mistake.
Ain't it wonderful to be alive when the Rock'n'Roll plays...
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