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Excitada - not just excited???

Ran into a post on Ask.com about being embarrassed by using "excitada" as excited in a non sexual way and being laughed at.

I started researching a translation for "excited" and was buried under mas que 25 definiciones en el dictionario aqui en Tomísimo.

It's a very common word and would appreciate help in Spanish usage.

Thanks, Bob Ritter, Pensacola, FL. USA
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Even if "excitada" is correct in definition it is often (almost always) used in a sexual way. I think "emocionada" or "entusiasmada" would be the best translations for "excited". If you want to defend yoursef tell them to search for the definition in a dictionary and maybe they will end embarrassed haha.
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"Excitado/a" is more a physiological state that is psychologically driven that a pure psychological state. You may say "los niños están muy excitados por el viaje" because they are excited but also jumpy and they get in you hair. Think of Spanish "excitado" closer to English "aroused" than English "excited". So, if the woman was "excitada" some association with "horny" is possible.
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