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Has anyone seen the film Un Franco 14 Pesetas


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Old April 09, 2010, 04:54 AM
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Has anyone seen the film Un Franco 14 Pesetas

I watched the film Un Franco 14 Pesetas el otra d¡a and I found it very interesting, has anyone else seen it? if so perhaps you could answer this question:

Releta la escena del tren en la que conversan con el emigrante gallego y en la que comen bocadillos y observan a los demás pasejeros. ¿Qué nos señalan las siguientes observaciones?

  • (El emigrante gallego) "{Suiza} es como mi tierra pero más cuidada."
  • (EL mismo) "Aquí no se viene a gastar, se viene a ganar dinero"
After watching the film in class all be it a little tired, I did manage to watch it all and understand most of it, which is a feat by itself it appeared to me that the scene on the train was a way of portraying the differences between life in Spain and in Switzerland, obviously the imigrants with working visas can travel around and take thier pick of jobs and surroundings whereas others without them will not have that freedom.

I got the feeling that this particular scene was rushed and in that short space all we saw was how the authorities are always on the look out for imigrants without working visas, For example the soldier on the train did not have any paperwork and was escorted away rather abruptly. Yet when it came to go through the swiss border all was fine? there is a contradiction there somewhere I feel. Anyway, from the quote above the imigrant from galicia is saying to Martin and Marcos how wonderful the place is and reassuring them of things to come, he is promoting switzerland as a place where not only can they better themselves by working in switzerland with better health and opportunities but they can also earn money, where as in Spain in particular, Madrid, this was not always possible and a great hardship was felt at this period of time.

This is my take on it, I could be entirely wrong mind you, if you have any feelings that you wish to write about in particular this era in Spain and how it effected the working class I would be most happy to read your thoughts.

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Old April 09, 2010, 06:49 AM
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I didn't see the movie but I understand the quote. It's a common immigrant thought. Moving to a wealthier country in search of menial
work and living under squalid conditions, some of these workers save
money and return home with money to spare. In that time (and probably
today also), work was easrer to find in Switzerland, but money went further in Spain than in Switzerland. The quote indicates that money can be made in Switzerland, but more wisely spent in Spain.
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Old April 09, 2010, 02:19 PM
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Agree with poli
(El emigrante gallego) "{Suiza} es como mi tierra pero más cuidada."
Switzerland is like my homeland but better looked after.
Switzerland was very clean, with order and without garbage. You can find good pastures and mountains in Spain, but not so good kept.
(EL mismo) "Aquí no se viene a gastar, se viene a ganar dinero"
You don't come here to spent money, but to earn money.
Switzerland was an expensive country, Spain not. So as poli said, spanish workers worked hard, trying to spent little, and then return to Spain with enough money to have a proper house. Much of them finally settled there, but the mayority came again to Spain after earning money.

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