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Keyboard shortcuts for the dictionary pages


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Old February 14, 2007, 02:09 PM
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Keyboard shortcuts for the dictionary pages

I posted about this, but it was sort of just tacked onto the end of a post, so I'll put it here too.

There is a new keyboard shortcut for the dictionary pages that should make it easier/faster to search the dictionary.

When you're looking at the results and you want to search for something else, just hit 's' (the letter s) and it'll take you up to the search box and highlight the previous search so you can just type over it, hit enter and search for something else.

If you want to search for a whole phrase you see on the page, you can highlight it (being careful not to click the links ), and then hit s. That will copy the selected text into the search box and you can then just hit enter and do the search.

As always, if you want to search for a single word that's in the search results, just click on it.

BTW, s and b do the same thing- s for search and b for búsqueda.
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