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Pura May 05, 2019 12:29 AM

Propios gastos mediatos como inmediatos
I have a dissolution of Divorce here and the plaintiff is submitting his proposal for agreement: how do I translate:
Asimismo es importante seņalar que el demandado como la suscrita sufragamos "nuestros propios gastos mediatos como inmediatos" ya que los dos trabajamos y tenemos nuestros propios ingresos.

nuestros propios gastos mediatos como inmediatos.

Thank you All Again!!!!!

aleCcowaN May 05, 2019 05:45 AM

I don't know the exact terms in English, but gastos inmediatos are everyday expenses, direct expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, what you need to feed yourself and your dependants, to take the bus, to put gas in your car's tank; while gastos mediatos are indirect expenses or all the expenses you must incur to keep a roof over your head, the lights on, to repair your broken car or your leaking roof, to have health insurance, etc.

Money to pay for the laundry-o-mat is gasto inmediato. Money to pay for new clothes is gasto mediato.

That should suffice to let you find the proper terms in English, or even in Legalese.

Pura May 05, 2019 01:34 PM

Thank You sooo Much. You are awesome my friend. Wish I could have you next to me to finish this. Have a Blessed day aleCcowaN !

Tomisimo May 08, 2019 09:00 AM

So how did you end up translating the two terms? I'm always interested in hearing what options there are. :)

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