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Welcome to the forums, FrannyCakes.

  1. the subject can go before or after the verb.
  2. the pronouns
    1. the indirect object pronoun should come before the direct object pronoun, if you have both.
    2. the pronouns (in the correct order) go directly before conjugated verbs, or directly after verbs in the infinitive or present participle.
    3. the indirect object pronouns "le" and "les" change to "se" when followed by a direct object pronoun.
 subject  indirect object pronoun  direct object pronoun  verb  subject  meaning 
 (Yo)  te  lo  di  (yo)    
 I  to you  it  give    I gave it to you 
 (Yo)  se  lo  di  (yo)    
 I  to him  it  give    I gave it to him 
 subject  verb  indirect & direct object pronoun  subject       
 (Yo)  quiero  dártelo  (yo)       
 I  want  to give it to you          
 (Yo)  quiero  dárselo  (yo)       
 I  want  to give it to him          

If you find something wrong with my Spanish, please correct it!
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