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Originally Posted by Bobbert View Post
Those glasses make you look good.

Esos anteojos/lentes hacen verte bien.
Esos anteojos/lentes te hacen verte bien.
(Only because some people are touchy about repeating sounds, but your proposal is grammatically correct, and avoids the ambiguity that I introduced by removing the second "te": even when the sentence could mean that the glasses make your friend see well, the context will clarify that you mean they make him/her look good.)
Esos anteojos/lentes te hacen lucir bien. (More educated vocabulary.)
Esos anteojos/lentes hacen que te veas bien.
I know you wanted to work with "hacer", but just for the sake of daily speech, a Mexican would probably rather say: "Esos lentes te quedan bien".
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