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Qué hay de nuevo

I did not see a forum that was appropriate for what I am going to ask so I picked this one. I have searched the internet for the last hour and a half trying to find how to pronounce the phrase "qué hay de nuevo". I found things on Youtube and other places but they say it so fast that you cannot understand. They are saying the "hay de nuevo" too fast. I am assuming that de nuevo is being run together, and like French sometimes you carry the sound over to the next word, if that makes sense. It sounds like [Kay ah din wav-oh] phonetically.

Will someone please tell me how to pronounce this with some good understandable phonetics. And/or direct me to a site that has a slow audio with it broken down slowly. Mahallo has really good Youtube videos of this for Russian. They break it down slowly so someone that is learning can get it right.

And to verify, does this mean "What's new"?

Thank you!

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