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There are some mistakes;- it is better say "Разве все мы не любим фотографировать?"

And you know, may be it is not very serious if you have started learning Russian not so long time ago, but your sentences are not very beautiful, I mean it is like you use Google translate. They have the right sense, but it's hard to read them.( I hope you got me) But anyway you have done pretty good translation.
P.S. And sorry if i made some mistakes in English
There are some mistakes - "Разве все мы не любим фотографировать?" Would be better.

You know, maybe it isn't serious as you have only just started learning Russian recently, but your sentences are a bit clumsy. It's is as if you have used "Google Translate"! They have the right sense but they are hard to read - I hope you get me! But nevertheless you have done a pretty good translation.

P.S. And sorry if I have made any mistakes in English!

I have written this in the hope that it is of assistance to you; please don't be offended!
Me ayudaríais si me hicierais el favor de corregir mis errores.

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