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Consonants vs. vowels

Thanks for the replies. Sure, some English dialects vary in part with respect to consonants. The "r" is perhaps the most obvious example but many regional forms drop consonants (E.g. Ne Hanmpshah). And if you've ever listened to a serious Scottish accent, then consonants are involved every bit as much as vowels.

But it sounds like we agree that there's a pattern/trend/tendency.

If so then why? Is it true of dialects in other Romance languages? Is it less true of the Slavic languages? Does this tendency tell us anything about tthe evolution of the various language groups?

Maybe this forum isn't the best place to go looking for this sort of info, Suggestions on where else to look would be appreciated. OTOH, I expect some folks on this forum might be able to shed light on the origins and implications of this trend/tendency. I'd be very interested to hear from any of you.

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