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I am thinking along the lines of Fullbite. I recently had the operation for Sleep Apnea (UPPP) and they did something to my tounge that keeps it from falling back to my throat at night (and it makes swallowing a little different feeling).

Well because of my fat lazy tounge, I had been doing my RR more towards the back of my throat, like the other person said, Now since the operation, I am left with nothing to cheat with, hahah. I can't purr like a cat, growl like a dog, none of the ways I use to cheat work. The "J R" methods is working in the beggining of words. I can get 3 nice trill sounds out. But I can get that, RRRRRRRRRR sound that natives do for emphasis at the begginning of a word.

and the "JR" seems hard at the end of a word.

But Thanks this is a start. My spanish friends now laugh at me now, when i talk because they can see me stopping mid sentence when I get to a work with a RR in it, hahah.

But they understand, it's new people I am afraid to talk to now.

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