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Originally Posted by dvisto View Post
The following chart shows some of the major uses of these two prepositions.

Uses for por:

Expressing movement along, through, around, by or about: Anduve por las calles de la ciudad. I walked through the streets of the city.

Denoting a time or duration when something occurs. Viajamos por tres semanas. We're traveling for three weeks.

It depends on the country. I'd say: "viajamos durante tres semanas".

Expressing the cause not the purpose) of an action: Me caí por la nieve. I fell down because of the snow.

Be careful. This sentence could mean that you fell on the snow. I'd say: "me caí a causa de la nieve" to avoid ambiguity.

Meaning per: Dos por ciento.Two percent.

Meaning supporting or in favor of: Trabajamos por los derechos humanos. We work for human rights.

Introducing the agent of an action after a passive verb: Fue escrito por Bob Woodward. It was written by Bob Woodward.

Indicating means of transportation: Viajaré por avión. I will travel by plane.

The same as the second sentence. I wouldn't say "viajar por avión", but "viajar en avión".

Used in numerous expressions: Por ejemplo. For example. Por favor. Please.

Uses for para:

Meaning for the purpose of or in order to: Para bailar la bamba, se necesita una poca de gracia. In order to dance the bamba you need a little grace.

With a noun or pronoun as object, meaning for the benefit of or directed to: Es para usted. It's for you.

Meaning to or in the direction of when referring to a specific place: Voy para Europa. I'm heading to Europe.

A o para.

Meaning by or for when referring to a specific time: Necesito el regalo para mañana. I need the gift for tomorrow. Vamos a la casa de mi madre para el fin de semana. We're going to my mother's for the weekend.
Vamos a casa de mi madre el fin de semana (sin para)/ vamos a pasar el fin de semana a casa de mi madre.
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