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Escribo una novela- possible meanings (from text)
1. I write a novel
2. I do write a novel
3. I am writing a novel
The example with a novel is a bit strange, but consider this:

Como pan.
I eat bread.
I do eat bread.
I am eating bread.

The point they are making is that all three English sentences can be translated by the Spanish sentence "Como pan", although I would say:

I eat bread. = Como pan.
I do eat bread. = Yo sí como pan.
I am eating bread. Como pan. / Estoy comiendo pan.

A notable difference between the two languages is how the simple present and present progressive are used.

—What are you doing?
—I'm eating bread.
I eat bread. (incorrect)

—¿Qué haces? (or ¿Qué estás haciendo?)
—Como pan.
—Estoy comiendo pan. (both are correct)
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