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Spanish a versus french à?


Novice in spanish here. After becoming quite fluent in french over the years, one of the more striking differences between spanish and french was the use of the preposition "a" and "à". As you may know, the preposition is rarely used in french for direct objects. Example: "I hug my friend" = "J'embrasse mon ami."

In Spanish, however, the preposition "a" is frequently used for direct objects. Example: "I hug my friend" = "Abrazo a mi amigo", which is very counterintuitive for a french speaker. Unless the "a" is a subject marker (ie. not unlike in japanese), I don't see why it's useful. The french do just fine without it! (Apart from some odd cases, such as, "I reproach George for being late." = "Je reproche à George d'être en retard" which I surmise might pertain to the nominalization of "being late"?)

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